wagtails  11-06-2016, 3:49 AM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #9
great director, great cast, great era, great story about one great city! films like this do not come around very often, so thankfully, this one did. enjoy.
barrywood  07-31-2014, 12:44 AM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #8
I think this is my favorite dinero movie
Spookytime  03-30-2014, 2:02 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #7
This is one awesome movie (Based On A True Story. Not for Children, I give it a hard R Rating. Thanks..
Kurumtagh1  08-27-2013, 2:00 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #6
Five Stars!
MovFor  07-16-2013, 9:10 AM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #5
no need to say more; read other comments if you like this sort of movies.
MarcoOdisio  02-11-2013, 3:48 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #4
Robert De Niro...Pesci...what do you expect? A great movies to watch and enjoy! Excellent!
flightster  01-19-2013, 4:30 PM Agree 0   Disagree 0 #3
De Niro, Pesci.. Legends of the gangster genre, must watch.
dealer350z  12-04-2011, 12:21 AM Agree 28   Disagree 27 #2
The Fact that ANYONE gave this less than a 5 Star rating shakes my faith in humanities ability to recognize greatness. The ones who did must be dyslectic that is the only explanation. This is a MUST SEE Movie you will enjoy it. You will give it 5 stars!
Spookytime  09-21-2011, 4:20 AM Agree 3   Disagree 0 #1
This movie is totally awesome and free for a little bit longer, so all I can say It's a = must see movie = So even if you saw before it's still worth watch again. It's one of my favorite movies and if you watch it it will probably be a favorite of yours as well. I give it a 10 Star Rating, I should rate it even higher for as many times saw it.
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